How Wavo Competitions Can Dramatically Increase Your Fan Following

Wavo is a digital marketing platform and agency that specifically caters to the music & entertainment industries. Wavo runs the world’s largest remix and DJ competitions for artists, labels and brands looking to increase fan engagement. Current clients include Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, SFX, Armada, Ultra and more.

The homepage for the Otto Knows remix competition as it appeared on Wavo

Wavo Competitions are a great way for artists and music festivals to increase their fan engagement and online following. Our competition with Otto Knows — discussed below — was able to generate 7000 Spotify followers at a rate of 14 cents a user. Though our competition platform is ever-flexible, past campaigns have centered around a combination of DJ invitationals and remix contests.

During the month of July, Wavo’s competition platform ran 16 DJ invitationals and remix competitions, and engaged a total of 41,701 fans through track votes and submissions.

Wavo competitions create a unique value exchange between big artists, labels, festivals, and upcoming talent. Sponsors give artists access to high-value content and opportunities like remix stems and label deals, and in return, get tons of incredible remixes and mixes which are shared across the internet. Sponsors can ask participants to either follow them on a social platform of their choice, or enter an email address in exchange for content, thereby creating quality connections that last long after the competition ends. At present, we are able to connect users to their accounts on a number of social media and streaming sites, including Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify

Running a competition through Wavo ensures support from our social media team. For the duration of your campaign, your competition will be shared with Wavo’s 155,000 Facebook followers and 6,000 Twitter followers.

Winners from Wavo’s Escapade DJ Invitational — Audiation — being interviewed in a segment for CTV

Wavo strives to promote products that provide value not just for our clients, but for our audience of dedicated music fans, as well. In addition to gaining access to high quality song stems, Wavo competitions have provided users with the opportunity to win some fantastic prize packages. Past rewards have included access to exclusive merchandise, artist Skype sessions, the chance to perform at a concert or festival, and official release via the artist’s label. Through our competition platform, Wavo has helped hundreds of upcoming artists sign deals with major recording labels, as well as spurred the release of thousands of popular remixes.

Otto Knows “Back Where I Belong”

Stockholm-based electro-house DJ, Otto Knows, has been working alongside industry stars like Sebastian Ingrosso and Avicii for a number of years. He first gained fame for his remix of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek.”

On June 20th, Wavo launched a remix competition for Otto Knows’ latest track, “Back Where I Belong,” ft. Avicii. The competition employed Spotify gating, requiring users to connect to the Otto Knows and Big Beat Records Spotify playlists before gaining access to the stems.

“We now use Wavo remix contests on a regular basis as part of our release marketing campaigns. We’ve seen great results in both social following and mailing list growth for Big Beat artists across the spectrum. The quality of the remixes is better than any other community we’ve drawn from and the Wavo community is as strong as they get.” — Shaw Miseyko, Big Beat/Atlantic Records

After running for three weeks, the competition was able to generate a total of 3,900 stem downloads, 488 remix submissions, and 0ver 3,600 votes. The competition was able to produce over 7000 Spotify followers at a rate of 14 cents a user, making it one of Wavo’s most successful remix competitions of the year, alongside those run for Hardwell, Major Lazer, and Galantis. The winner of the competition — yet to be announced — will receive social media support from Otto Knows himself, as well as a pair of Audeze LCD-X Headphones (average retail price: $1,699.00).

Wavo is always looking for new and innovative ways to increase engagement while still generating value for our users. Through our competitions platform, we’re able to give artists, labels, and festivals a medium through which they can directly track, and improve upon, their levels of fan connectivity.

Competition Packages

Competitions can be developed for clients on any budget.

  • for $250, run a lite competition that employs Facebook gating
  • for $500, grow your Soundcloud or Spotify following through our page gating, receive social media support on Facebook (155k fans) and Twitter (6k followers), and artist email promotion to 100k artists
  • for $1500, get all the benefits of a $250 or $500 campaign, plus an exclusive media partnership with one of our publishers (such as Dancing Astronaut), direct Facebook notifications to 50k artists, and extensive campaign monitoring and optimization

Wavo has recently partnered with LANDR — an audio mastering site — to provide their own set of prizing for contests. Competition winners are now eligible to win a year-long subscription to LANDR, free of charge.

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