Wavo's Event Marketing Playbook

Wavo is an advertising company focused on the music industry.  We combine industry specific data and technology with our media relationships and expertise, to help you reach the right audience on the right channel.  Whether your efforts centre on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, or our own Native Ad Network for Music (the largest native music blog and magazine ad network in the world) we tailor targeting to ensure your campaign hits it's ideal demographic.


Our Unique Value Proposition

Wavo helps support companies’ event marketing plans with an experienced data-driven, agile, approach to digital advertising.

At the core of our approach is a clear focus on the music industry and the testing, optimization, and adaptation needed for this rapidly evolving space.

We've learned what works from running thousands of music marketing campaigns and tracking millions of data points relevant to the music space.  Our deep understanding of customer personas and purchasing habits for different types of artists and events helps us move individuals down the customer purchasing funnel with proven data driven strategies.


Specific Targeting Methods & Capabilities

Below are examples of some of the strategies and capabilities we employ when marketing your event.  For every campaign we take the time to understand your marketing strategy, provide feedback, and ensure we have the information needed to support, execute, and deliver the highest ROI possible.

  • Proprietary data and experience:  One of our strongest assets is Wavo’s proprietary music data gathered from a variety of unique sources, including the world’s most popular streaming services, Wavo’s own ad network, and data and learnings collected from running thousands of recorded music promotions that can be applied to the live event space.   Often our clients miss out on large potential audiences because they are confined by the data available on a specific advertising channel.   The below diagram shows an "Audience Overlap" comparison of one of our proprietary data segments "Electronic Music Fans" vs an audience created by targeting fans of a major Electronic/Pop artist on Facebook.  In this case the two audience's, both over 12M strong had only a 9% overlap seen below:

In this particular campaign our custom audience, built from multiple sources outside of Facebook, including our own first-party data sets as well as that of the clients, was able to generate an ROI two times better than Facebook’s targeting suggestions based on fans of the artist.

 Image courtesy of parachute digital

Image courtesy of parachute digital


  • Pixel retargeting: We do the heavy lifting to ensure every event on an event website and/or ticket provider's purchasing funnel is correctly tracked with pixels in order to retarget fans based on specific actions they've taken and tell you the exact ROI on your campaigns.  With tours we'll even work with multiple promoters and ticket vendors to ensure localized advertising strategies and data are unified and tracked correctly.
  • Engaging artists to spread the word: Hardcore fans are the most likely to buy tickets, and often the promotion they react best to, comes directly from the artists themselves. We help organize and run ads through Facebook profiles. We then segment users who engaged with these placements (through actions such as likes, comments, and shares), so they can be retargeted with the appropriate ads.

  • Email Marketing retargeting:  Smart targeting, powered by your past customers. You’ve got email lists, subscriber activity information, customer purchase data, and more. We can help you use that data to reach your best customers, similar audiences, and people who like your products but don’t subscribe to your email.  We can also help implement or consult on building systems to ensure you're properly set up to collect and segment email data for future use

  • Data collection and onboarding: Ensuring you are using your past data effectively (you may have more than you know) and implementing systems to collect it correctly to maximize future returns.

  • Testing and optimizing:  All campaigns are setup and optimized by our experienced ad ops team who have a deep understanding of the workflow processes and our software systems that are used to sell, input, serve, target and report on the performance of online ads for event advertising.  For example we've learned through testing and optimizing that contrary to many existing strategies it doesn't always make sense to put a “purchased pixel” or "kill pixel"  in order to stop showing ads to fans who have already bought tickets.  Instead, retargeting segments such as hardcore fans who purchase during the on-sale period with exciting content and announcements that they're able to share with their network of friends, can be one of the most effective ways to help spread the word for your event. We employ dozens of strategies like these into our retargeting processes, in order to ensure your campaign generates as high a success rate as possible.

  • Reputation management:  Did you have an issue at a prior event that may have caused negative PR?  Have you worked hard to improve that?  Why don’t you tell the people who had that issue about the work you’ve done to fix that?  Target consumers who engaged with material you feel is negative through the media with new content and PR explaining how you solved that.  We have the data and expertise to do this.

  • Sponsorship:  We can work with you to ensure your sponsors are getting their expected reach.

  • Search engine optimization and dealing with secondary ticketing issues:  Optimizing visibility in search engine results is an essential part of marketing an event. Reinforcing findability through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an effective tactic to achieve your marketing objectives and ensure fans are not landing on secondary ticketing sites when you don’t want them to. Wavo knows how to create, execute, and optimize an effective ad campaign using SEM campaigns  tailored for event marketers.

Unified Dashboards and clear ROI:  In addition to displaying metrics like reach, impressions, clicks, and engagement, our unified dashboards help you track the success of your promotional efforts. Our event clients receive an easily digestible report that shows how just how many tickets we've sold, as well as the ROI for their marketing spend. With Wavo, you're given a customized event marketing and media buying plan that produces real results. 

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