Wavo is Generating Thousands of Quality Facebook Likes

Wavo an advertising company focused on the music industry.  We combine industry specific data and technology with our media relationships and expertise, to help you reach the right audience on the right channel.  Whether your efforts centre on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, or our own Native ad Network Boost (the largest native music blog and magazine ad network in the world) we tailor targeting to ensure your campaign hits its ideal demographic.

Recently, our team was asked to develop a campaign aimed at generating Facebook likes for a rising hip-hop artist. In this case study, we’ll briefly discuss how we were able to generate 19,000 new fans at a cost of about 10 cents per user.  We'll dive into the specific techniques we used to attract real fans, using Facebook's advertising platform in combination with our own first party data and expertise in digital music advertising.

Final Results:

  • New Fans: 19,000
  • Cost:  $2,000
  • Average Cost per Like: $0.11


 An example of the kind of page advertisements we utilize (as it would appear on mobile) 

An example of the kind of page advertisements we utilize (as it would appear on mobile) 

Our Facebook like campaign employed a number of targeting techniques in order to serve artist recommendation ads to the most receptive audience possible. These included the following: 

  • Targeting users that had liked the fan pages for artists of a similar genre (and were thus most likely to convert) 
  • Targeting users who had liked pages for artists with noteworthy similarities, such as being featured alongside in media coverage 
  • Targeting users who had liked pages or exhibited interest in artists with similar secondary pursuits (e.g. fashion, featured in films/tv)
  • Targeting users based on geographic location, in order to ensure the most relevant likes for the artist 

We optimized the campaign as it ran, adding artist targeting groups as needed — as well as removing the less receptive segments — in order to guarantee the lowest CPL (cost per like) possible. As the client had recently released material, we modified the content of our ads to reflect this, allowing us to advertise both the artist and his EP with each post. Ultimately, we were able to increase his page popularity by almost 19,000 likes. 

The real value in working with Wavo presents itself in our team's deep understanding of the music industry. We’re able to match the profiles of up-and-coming artists to that of more established acts, in order to tap into a potential base of highly receptive fans. We combine our experiences in music, arts, fashion, and the traditional creative industries, with an expertise in data analysis, advanced analytics, and marketing to ensure we deliver the right views from the right audiences.

Wavo allows real people, who have exhibited interest in your artist, to connect with them on social media. We provide the necessary data driven nudge to push them into hitting the like button.

Building an engaged group of Facebook fans is an extremely powerful way to share news, music, and talk to your fans.  Acquiring a following through paid advertising can help you speed up the process of growing your community, but attracting the wrong fans through improper targeting-- or worse, fake likes -- can hurt your page in the long-run. Hootsuite's Facebook advertising organizer, Adspresso, discusses some of the problems associated with fake followers/likes:

  • EdgeRank: Facebook uses the engagement your page generates to understand how interesting your contents are and how many of your fans should see them. Having thousands of inactive, non-engaged users will make you look bad to Facebook’s eyes and your posts will reach less people organically
  • Credibility: Nowadays users are smart and don’t get easily tricked by big numbers. What will they think of you when they see that your page has 1 million fans, but your last post received only 3 likes? I guess you won’t look that reliable!
  • Understanding: One of the things I like a lot about building a good fan base on Facebook is the huge amount of information you can pull out of that. How old are your ideal customers? Where do they live? What other interests do they have? All this precious, attainable information will be screwed up once a big chunk of your users are bought.
  • Advertising: I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve received complaining about this. Once your page is haunted by fake likes, every time you want to boost a post through Facebook Ads, you’re gonna end up wasting a lot of money to deliver your ads to those fake users. There’s just no way to filter them out! We’re gonna talk more about this later… we did some testing and the amount of money you’ll waste is shocking!
  • Time: After you realize what a huge mistake you’ve made buying likes, you’ll have to spend an incredible amount of time cleaning up your Facebook Page of all that crap. Be advised, it’s gonna hurt.

Want to read more? Check out Adspresso's blog. 

In summary, Facebook likes can either be a vanity metric- generating numbers that'll eventually come back to haunt you- or they can be an incredibly powerful tool to help break music.  The difference between each option lies in the users behind your likes.  With Wavo, you can chose the better course, without breaking your budget. Our campaigns ensure that advertising to real followers is now almost as cheap as buying fake ones from sketchy bot based services. 

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